Empire State of Love - Claudia & Anthony - Fabio Fistarol Photography. Wedding, family and lifestyle. NY, NJ, PA, CT.
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Empire State of Love – Claudia & Anthony

For this time, I had the pleasure to shoot Claudia and Antony. She is from Texas, and he is Colombian. They’ve met in Colombia when she was living there. Claudia’s family live in California, and she has a beautiful sister that is a real fighter.  Her sister is fighting cancer and she’s an inspiring woman. I don’t even know her and would be amazing shooting her and Claudia together! 🙂

Battery Park in Downtown was the place that we’ve decided to register their love to the project. We had a great time walking nearby the Freedom Tower, boardwalk and enjoyed the amazing sunlight that was helping us that day.
Sometimes couples asked me what they should wear, or what they should do. The most important thing about the “Empire State of Love” project is exactly this, it doesn’t have rules or stereotypes. It was amazing to shoot their love and all their feelings through their eyes and touch.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Claudia and Anthony, thanks a lot to give me the beautiful chance to freeze in photos a little bit of everything that you feel for each other.
It was a great pleasure.



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