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Empire State of Love – Janet and Andrew

For this post, I need to share his email. It’s so kind and beautiful.

My love story…It was love at first sight..met her on October 2nd 2000..we dated for about 3 years and then we decided that we were meant for each other.. well all sounds good right? Well, this is where it gets  interesting. We fell in love when we were 18 and decided on marriage when we were hardly 21.  now back in the year 2000,in Singapore that was not something usual..everyone was chasing after their career and dreams. They taught we were crazy..well maybe it was true,  I was crazy. I was crazy about her. Our parents were not supportive and even discouraged us. However we managed  to convince them.
I remember the struggles that We had to go through..  we had no money but we had dreams. We wanted to be dependent on each other and nobody else.
I didn’t even have money to buy my wedding suit. I remember getting my pay and rushing to buy my wedding suit on the day itself.
we didn’t have money for a grand wedding photo shoot or a to go for a honeymoon.. but my wife didn’t complain, she stood by me. I asked her if she had any regrets and these were her exact words. “as long as you love me and never leave me, i am the happiest woman in the world”. I knew that she was the one and I promised her that I will ensure that every dream of her will come true. I told her that she was the 8th wonder of the world.
I also promised that i would bring her to the seven wonders of the world that. she has been fascinated with since young. we wrote our choice of seven wonders.
1- Taj Mahal
2- Great Wall of China
3- Pyramids in Egypt
4- Empire State Building
5- Eiffel Tower
6- Leaning Tower of Pisa
7- Colosseum

I joined the military and she became a teacher and now we have two beautiful teenage sons. We travel around the world. We have truly been blessed by God. Like i said, we never went for our honey moon but we have celebrated our every  wedding anniversary on a travel holiday.I still remember my promise to her about the seven wonders. and I try to squeeze in the destinations in our yearly anniversary holidays. Most of it would be a surprise trip for her and I only unveil the destination hours before the trip. I love to see her getting surprised. I have already brought her to 4 of the wonders. (Taj Mahal, Eiffel, Colosseum and the leaning tower) And we even took photo shoots there. We have been blessed.

Now married for 15 years..it is getting harder with the surprise element as she would find out at times through my online bookings or my sons would disclose it to their mum.. so i have decided to bring her on a vacation on her birthday instead of our usual wedding anniversary. Now She was born on the 4th of July,
and I thought the most ideal place for that celebration would be in NEW YORK. celebrating it together with the independence day celebrations.
I had celebrated her 21ST american themed birthday in Singapore 14 years ago.
And I thought it would be magical if I recreated the moment in America itself., with a photo shoot overlooking  the empire state building.
I was searching for other destinations when i came across your website and had this crazy idea. And i hope it takes place.

Thank you for your kind understanding and time to read my love story.”


Of course you are part of the Empire State of Love. It’s a pleasure!!!



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