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engagement photography new york

Empire State of Love – Gillian and Cameron

Evey time when I receive an email for the “Empire State of Love” project, I start to imagine what we can do different and where should be the session. For this time, I had the pleasure to break rules and create other things. Did you ever heard about that common sense: do not shoot while people are eating?  Well folks, we started at a tiny and cozy restaurant and ordered a beautiful plate of pasta. Then, we went to a walk around the East Village, chasing some great backgrounds and hide places. It was 2 hours of session and the result was pure love!

Take a look at what Gillian wrote for me about how they’ve met! I love the whole story!
“Cameron and I met through a little online dating app called Tinder (you may have heard of it). I had just come out of a relationship and needed a distraction. Cameron was on it “just because.” Why did I swipe right? Well, of course I thought he was cute, but I sensed from his profile that he was fun and lighthearted. In his picture he was in Mexico wearing a sombrero, holding a fake musket in one hand and a bottle of tequila in the other. His description: chef, Seattle—>NYC. After we matched he initiated a polite and engaging text exchange, and then he casually asked me on a date to see some Picasso at the Met. I loved that he thought to take me someplace other than a bar. On our first date we went around the museum making silly interpretations of the art and got to know a little about each other’s backgrounds. I thought I would challenge this chef who’d worked in mostly European-style restaurants. However, I underestimated him, and in fact he enjoyed the spiciest Sichuan, authentic Thai, and even the little-known and even less-appreciated Filipino food, which is my native cuisine. The first dinner Cameron ever made for me was after we went grocery shopping at Chelsea market. He prepared hamachi with fennel for appetizer and a perfect steak for the main course. Later we drove out to Long Island to watch the Geminids fall on a clear, cold December night under blankets on Jones Beach. From the beginning Cameron had been willing to wait until I was ready to be in a long-term relationship again. He made me feel special, like I was the only woman in the world who mattered to him. The risk he took in making himself vulnerable to me was something that I thought had only existed in old-fashioned love stories. After three months I realized that I could not be without Cameron, so I asked him to be mine. The rest is delicious food, New York City, and history.”

Gillian and Cameron, I wish for you all the best. Thanks for beeing part of my project and of course, for the great ideas for the session. It was amazing shooting you guys.

We always need to spread the true love!



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