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Empire State of Love

Empire State of Love – Elisa & Ze Rodrigo

It was a freezing cold afternoon in Long Island City! There I was, ready to shoot an amazing couple from Brazil and I wasn’t literally felling my fingers! Elisa and Ze Rodrigo were ready to their love session and so was I! They were the first couple to be part of the “Empire State of Love” project, I was very excited about that. Begin with a couple with an excellent vibe and in a beautiful place, perfect combination.


We had a great moment together, in almost 2 hours we had to figure out how to work with the weather and continue to have fun! So we’ve decided to in the middle of the session, stop at a local bar, grab a hot coffee and relax a little bit. After that, we restarted the session and enjoyed the view!


Thanks guys, it was incredible to register your love!


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If you wanna be part of the Empire State of Love project and share your love story, click here!

I’ll be glad to shoot your love.



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